Club Shooting Competitions:

The Jefferson Longrifles are dedicated to honing the skills that were needed in the 17th and 18th centuries in order to survive in a new, and many times, hostile frontier.   The primary concerns of the day where the need for shelter from the elements, to gather food and hunt game, and the ability to protect and defend yourself and your kin from the dangers of the land.  The later two of these concerns hinged upon the frontier persons ability to hit their target by either throwing a hawk or knife, shooting a primitive bow and arrow, or shooting either a muzzle loading, black powder rifle or smoothbore gun. 

Each month the Jefferson Longrifles gather at <please visit our Facebook page for location> to demonstrate to visitors and prospective members the proper use of these skills, as well as to share in friendly, and sometimes heated, competition. These friendly competitions include hawk and knife throwing matches, black powder rifles target shooting matches, and a challenging woods walk for primitive bow and arrow.  

SAFETY is a must in all of these categories. There is an appointed Range Officer at all shooting events with the specific task of strictly enforcing the Range Safety Rules.

ANYONE who exhibits unsafe activity at these events will be politely asked to leave (with extreme prejudice).


Black Powder Rifles:


"Carry any gun you want as long as it's flint and shoots a 2" diameter group, 19 of 20 balls, at 50 yards." 

 Taken from The Long Hunters Sketch Book, by Dr. James A. Hanson.

JLR club members acquire their black powder rifles from various sources.  These rifles can range in value from  kit rifles worth a few hundred dollar to custom guns worth thousands.  Some still, are lucky enough to sport family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.  There are a select few of our members who have delved into the tedious task/art of building their own custom rifle or smooth bore.  The time and effort they put into such a project can be very rewarding in the end, once a person is able to put a ball on target with their very own creation.  Of course the end result with every gun you may fire is being able to have fun whilst outshoot your opponents.  And If you can use a cheap kit gun to outshoot someone using a high priced custom job, then more power to you!  We strive to have fun in our friendly competitions, but the number one goal for all those attending is SAFETY!


Primitive Bow and Arrow:


Hawk and Knife: