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Black Powder Rifles:

"Carry any gun you want as long as it's flint and shoots a 2" diameter group, 19 of 20 balls, at 50 yards." 

 Taken from The Long Hunters Sketch Book, by Dr. James A. Hanson.

JLR club members acquire their black powder rifles from various sources.  These rifles can range in value from  kit rifles worth a few hundred dollar to custom guns worth thousands.  Some still, are lucky enough to sport family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.  There are a select few of our members who have delved into the tedious task/art of building their own custom rifle or smooth bore.  The time and effort they put into such a project can be very rewarding in the end, once a person is able to put a ball on target with their very own creation.  Off course the end result with every gun you may fire is being able to have fun whilst outshoot your opponents.  And If you can use a cheap kit gun to outshoot someone using a high priced custom job, then more power to you!  We strive to have fun in our friendly competitions, but the number one goal for all those attending is SAFETY!

Range Safety Rules

Discipline - The safety of competitors, range personnel and spectators requires continuous attention by all to the careful handling of firearms and caution in moving about the range. Self-discipline is necessary on the part of all competitors, range personnel and spectators. Where such self-discipline is lacking, it is the duty of the range personnel to enforce discipline, and the duty of competitors to assist in such enforcement.

Intoxicating beverages or drugs - The use of or impairment from intoxicating beverages and/or drugs on the firing line shall be ample cause for disqualification.

Smoking - No person shall be allowed to smoke on the firing line at any time.

Safety inspection of equipment - Range officials, acting under the authority of the Chief Range Officer, shall have the right to examine a shooter’s equipment for safety concerns. The responsibility shall be on the shooter to submit questionable equipment for official safety inspection and approval in sufficient time prior to the beginning of a match so that it will not inconvenience either the shooter or the official.

Unsafe firearm - No firearm shall be used in any competition if ruled unsafe by the range officer.

Carrying firearms - Guns will be carried muzzle up between the loading benches and firing line with the muzzle pointed above the shooter’s heads.

Rifle placement between relays - The time between the commands of “CEASE FIRING” and “COMMENCE LOADING, YOU MAY FIRE WHEN READY” the firing line is considered SAFE. During this safe time competitors are allowed to go down range and post and retrieve targets. During this safe period between relays all rifles being used in competition must be placed with the butt plate on the ground and the barrel pointed up and leaned against the loading bench.

Blowing down the barrel - There will be NO blowing down the barrel of any firearm during matches in any manor that requires placing the head in front of the muzzle. A flexible blow tube may be used at the shooter’s option providing that the shooter’s head is not placed in front of the barrel.

Loading flintlock firearms - All Flintlock firearms must be loaded with the frizzen up and hammer down.

Swabbing between shots - Swabbing between shots with a damp patch to eliminate the possibility of glowing embers igniting the next powder charge is strongly recommended.

When to load - No firearm will be loaded or caps snapped until the command “Commence to Load and Fire when Ready.:

Snapping caps - No caps may be snapped before the command of “COMMENCE LOADING. YOU MAY FIRE WHEN READY.” After the command is given caps may be snapped only on the firing line or designated area with the muzzle pointed down range, or down range and at the ground. Any competitor violating this rule will have the minimum penalty of having their target disqualified, along with such other actions as the Range Officer may deem necessary, including suspension. The Range Officer will sign the target, state the penalty and reason, and send it to the scoring room.

Loaded firearm - No loaded firearm shall be taken from the firing line.

Clearing misfires - Extreme caution must be used, including reasonable care to inform neighboring shooters. The “breaching: of a firearm or “pulling” of a ball or bullet must be done in such a manner that there is no danger to persons or property. The use of a CO-2 ball discharger is highly recommended, and is considered the most safe method of ball removal.

Powder measure - A separate powder measure or holder will be used to carry the powder charge from container to the muzzle of the gun. Charging directly from horn or flask is unsafe and is not permitted.

Open powder containers - There will not be any open containers of powder on the firing line or loading benches of any range.

Safety glasses - Safety glasses are strongly recommended for shooter’s safety and are allowed on all ranges.

Hearing protection - Hearing protection is strongly recommended but is the shooter’s option.


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